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Commons Health
Commons Health was established to advance the essential ecological principles that underlie health and which are underpinning the transformation of healthcare, economics, and foods systems back into realignment with Earth's operating system.

We do so by linking and networking transformational place-based models. And through education and training we are building a global community of practice.

We believe a new operating system embodied in systems thinking is fundamental
to our journey through the Great Transition. This mindset of interconnectedness brings shifts in perception that  positively influence health and support our collective ability to be alive and well together. 

We understand that we must heal the trauma and undo deeply rooted systems of oppression and heirarchies of human value.

We honour our relationship with all life and share gratitude for the gifts of nature.

We value the vital importance of “power within,” social relationships, and connection, and embraces the interplay of psycho-social, spiritual, environmental, and other factors in the support and promotion of individual health and well-being.

We appreciate the significance of our intimate relationship to social, environmental and economic influences of well-being which help us embrace the recognition that ultimately health and "being alive well together" is local.

Join a community of practice, and learn key tools and strategies to help co-create place-based models of well being,  a new health operating system and evolve shared knowledge, experience, communication and collaborations.

Commons Health Model
Health Commons and our "Sense of Place"

A Health Commons is a conceptual model which includes the collective resources within a defined geographic boundary. These include those that  treat disease (the care system) and importantly the social, environmental and economic drivers which are largely responsible for "creating" health and well-being.

These health drivers, or systems, are relationship based and include healthy food systems, access to drinking safe drinking water, safe and affordable housing, livable jobs, parks, a sense of connectedness, an ability to effect change, spirituality and more.
A health commons is closely aligned with our "sense of place".

Healthy People Healthy Planet
White Paper (Harvie Guaneri)  presented to the 2018 Pontifical Academy of Sciences workshop on climate change and health (pdf)
One Sacred Earth Project
One Sacred Earth (OSE) is a commons health partner. OSE is working to employ and foster gratitude, for the gifts of nature, as a means to reconnect our relationship with planet earth
The Next Health System

Read our latest paper The Next Health System, by Commons Health founder Jamie Harvie. Commissioned by the Next System Project, it offers a holistic vision and compelling path through the Great Transition. 

Austin Health Commons
Austin Health Commons is a  Commons Health partner and is working to empower communities to shift the ownership of health care from corporations back to the community and to cultivate root-cause community healing without the structural barrier of racism.
The Food Commons
The Food Commons is another Commons Health partner and  nationally recognized, as a new economic paradigm and whole system approach for regional food that builds community wealth through community ownership while at the same time providing broader access to healthy food and improved stewardship of natural resources.
Health, healthcare and navigating in uncertainty. CleanMed Talks 2017
Watch The Ecology of Health  travel on a unique journey from our cells to our community to our planet to our cosmos.
Stanford Social Innovation Review Communities Creating Health Series: Time to Return to the Whole
Just Released!:
Commons Health
Accountable Communities Conference Proceedings (pdf)
In this latest report we share key themes, presentation narratives and our "harvest" of attendee conversations and call to action!
Sustainable Health Symposium Manifesto (pdf)
New Accountable Communities Conference Reports: Explore important takeaways from our recent conference (pdf) and learn key next steps in the companion document (pdf).
Radical Redesign and the Door to Transformation: ABIHM blog on Commons Health linking CHNA, GMO's, Anchor Institutions and healthcare.
Huffington Post Article: The Commons Health Hospital Challenge was called out in a great Huffington Post article by Dr. Jeff Ritterman. Click here.  This is a great opportunity to get more clinicians and citizens to add their name in support of the Hospital Challenge (or learn more) here per the Huffington Post article suggestion.