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  • Harvie, J. (2016) The Next Health System A white paper offering new paradigm thinking about the future of health and healthcare

  • Harvie, J. (2015). Time to Return to the Whole. Stanford Social Innovation Review.  Only by finding a new narrative that embraces the whole, rather than the parts, can we build the health-creating systems we need.

Nuka System of Care is a name given to the whole health care system created, managed and owned by Alaska Native people to achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

The core of this book is an ethnographic study of the Whapmagoostui Cree and their particular concept of "health" (miyupimaatisiiun or "being alive well").

Vivir Bien is a Spanish word that refers to the way of life of indigenous peoples in South America. The Aymara people call it sumaqamaña, the Quechua, sumakkawsay, the Peruvian Amazon, Kametsa Asaiki and the Guaraní, ñandereko. It can also be translated as “living well,” “good life,” "knowing how to live,” “inclusive life,” “sweet life,” among others.



Watch The Ecology of Health  travel on a unique journey from our cells to our community to our planet to our cosmos.
Health, healthcare and navigating in uncertainty. CleanMed Talks 2017
One Sacred Earth (OSE) is a commons health partner. OSE is working to employ and foster gratitude, for the gifts of nature, as a means to reconnect our relationship with planet earth